How to catch seatrouts like a badboy

Nobody describes the Danish fishing in the spring better than ASAP Rocky:

I love bad seatrouts that’s my fucking problem.
and yea I like to fish I gotta fucking problem.
I love bad pikes that’s my fucking problem.
and yea I like to hustle in waders I gotta fucking problem

The spring has been great and even though I haven´t caught any real big trouts, I still can´t complain about my luck. Here is a short recap with highlights from March and April. Continue reading

West Zealand Seatrout 3

The most exciting seatrout fishing occurs when you find hunting fish close to land on only 30-70 cm water. You can reach the trouts with short casts and the adrenaline is pumping when each new cast can be followed up immediately by an aggressive nod in the rod and the sound of a spinning wheel. Continue reading

Kalundborg 1

It might not look like it when you look out the window but the calendar isn´t lying. Spring is here. Yesterday I celebrated it with the first “real” fishing trip of the year to the West Zealand coasts.

I started of in the middle of Kalundborg Fjord where I fished a spot that has given me a lot of trouts through the years. But with an Eastern wind on 6 M/S the water was all flat and boring so I changed to another spot nearby. The conditions here were better but there were no signs of fish at all, so I changed again to another well known spot in Kalundborg Fjord. The picture was the same though. No fish. No swagtrouts. No glory. Continue reading

2015 has drawn to an end. For me personally it was a great fishing year with a new PR in both seatrout and pike and lots of memorable moments near the water with some of my best friends.

For the Danish environment 2015 leaves us with some worries as for the future of the Danish nature and fishing in the future. The change of government in DK has brought new winds in the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. It is obvious that the new minister Eva Kjer Hansen (V) cares more about the interests of the Danish agriculture business than she cares about the Danish environment. Simplified, there is no doubt that the Ministry and a number of political parties are now working to keep a large part of the Danish streams unprotected from straightenings, fertilizers and other interventions that will impair the biodiversity in the streams and the fantastic fishing we have in Denmark today.

Over the next years it is extremely important that all Danish anglers unite. We should keep creating awareness of the valuable sustainable fishing we have in Denmark and keep fighting the organizations that are working to weaken our environment and fishing.  Continue reading

Møn seatrout

It has been a difficult autumn with lots of lost fish and rough conditions. But persistence pays and yesterday I got a new PR when I caught a 4.2 kg seatrout on Møn. The trout was caught in murky waters on a lure.

Autumn has been a tough nut to crack. The trouts are well fed and for me they have been difficult to tempt into grabbing a lure or fly. Over the last three days I have been fishing intensively on Møn without too much luck. The rough wind conditions with 8-12 mps from South and South West mean that it has only been possible to fish on the Northern and Eastern side of the peninsula. Continue reading

When I was a kid my parents would take me and my brother to Avernakø on South Fyn every year. Back then I didn´t care too much about fishing. It was first when I became a teenager and got hooked that I found out how great a fishing spot this small Island with less than 100 inhabitants is.

Today I still get the chance to go to Avernakø once in a while to go fishing and have some great days with my parents and their friends Hans Henrik and Marianne. Last year I went there in October for an epic trout showdown which you can read all about here.

This year I was naturally eager to go back and find out if there were some big trouts around. Unfortunately the results were not that good. On the first day I caught four small seatrouts on a fly fished with Bombarda. All of them had to go back to grow bigger. Hope to see them next year.

On the second day I only lost two minor and one good fish.

Well well. What can a man do? Sometimes the swagtrouts just come out on top. I´ll have my revenge next year.


Avernakø - Havørred Fyn

Havørred Fyn sign at Drejet. This sign always indicates a prime spot for seatrouts

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