Seatrout and pike fishing in Denmark


7 km walked, 3 fishing spots visited, 2 seatrouts caught, 1 sock drowned. Yesterday had it all.

I drove to Møn early in the morning when the city was still sleeping. My plan was to fish my way through two or three spots until I found fish. I started of at a spot on the southern coast that I discovered last year. Conditions looked great with 30 cm waves and somewhat cloudy water and I systematic made my way down the coast with one throw for every 5-7 meters with my 28 gram lure.  Continue reading


I´ve always liked windy conditions when I go hunting for seatrout on the Danish coasts. One of the advantages of being a spinfisher is the possibility to fish some rougher conditions than our flyfishing friends. As for me, I believe that seatrouts are most aggressive and least cautious when the waves grow white and the trouts prey such as herring, sand eel and shrimps swirl around in the water like one big buffet. This belief was reconfirmed this weekend where I visited some of my favorite spots on Møn. Continue reading

Nobody describes the Danish fishing in the spring better than ASAP Rocky:

I love bad seatrouts that’s my fucking problem.
and yea I like to fish I gotta fucking problem.
I love bad pikes that’s my fucking problem.
and yea I like to hustle in waders I gotta fucking problem

The spring has been great and even though I haven´t caught any real big trouts, I still can´t complain about my luck. Here is a short recap with highlights from March and April. Continue reading

West Zealand Seatrout 3

The most exciting seatrout fishing occurs when you find hunting fish close to land on only 30-70 cm water. You can reach the trouts with short casts and the adrenaline is pumping when each new cast can be followed up immediately by an aggressive nod in the rod and the sound of a spinning wheel. Continue reading