Seatrout, cod and pike fishing in Denmark


After fishing primarily for seatrout from I was 14 till 30 my fishing has become more varied in recent years. The main reason is that I´ve discovered the fun fishing possibilities close to me in Copenhagen – especially the splendid pike fishing below the ramparts at Kastellet and the cod fishing in the harbor.  Continue reading


This morning I fished one of my favorite reefs for seatrout on West Zealand. An enjoyable reunion after I haven´t fished the spot for ages. Pretty rough wind and a warning of an incoming thunderstorm meant that I only had 3 hours of fishing before the weather would become too hostile.  Continue reading

Some months ago Nick from New York wrote that he was coming to Copenhagen and asked me if I wanted to go fishing with him and his girlfriend Carrie.

So we met up in Nordhavn an afternoon in the middle of April to see if we could catch a decent cod or two.

The weather was (almost too) perfect with lots of sun and no wind. Perfect weather for humans, but not always perfect weather for fishing. The fishing was also quite slow and all we managed to catch was a small cod for Nick. We might have been more lucky if we had moved more and tried more spots but sometimes you get caught in conversation and the fishing comes in the background.

The biggest surprise of the evening was when a small seal showed up just 10 meters from our spot. It moved around the bassin and I couldn´t tell if it was hunting or if it was just disoriented.

Afterwards I learned from a biologist that it was a “Common Seal” (spættet sæl) which we have a huge population of in Denmark. Apparently lots of them live in the small island Saltholm which is quite close to Copenhagen. Anyway, I sure hope the little fella made it safely out of the harbor again.


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I have been wanting to try trolling for salmon for some time, and this Monday it finally happened when I went out with Jan Svenstrup and his boat from Ystad. I didn´t get a monster salmon but I caught one decent fish and had the most perfect spring weather with no wind and sun all day.

In this video you can get an impression of the gear and fishing and see me getting schooled by Captain Svenstrup.

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It´s been a while since I last roamed the coast but this week I returned for some days of fishing on Møn and Falster. I got some decent seatrouts and lost a couple of good fish as well and I filmed the whole thing on my GoPro. 

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In this video I share some moments from my fishing trips to Copenhagen Harbour in October. I both catch a chair and some fish so the video proves that there are many exciting catches to make in Copenhagen Harbour.

In October the cod fishing in Copenhagen Harbour started of with anglers catching a lot of decent cod up to 65 cm in the harbour. Thanks to the Facebook page “Fiskeri I københavns Havn” (fishing in Copenhagen Harbour) the rumour quickly spread and anglers from all over the city started chasing cod.  Continue reading