Seatrout, cod and pike fishing in Denmark

Inspired by the young dudes that go fishing in Copenhagen Harbor and post videos of it, I thought I´d do the same. At the moment I am experimenting a bit with iMovie and it is so cool how easy it is to make simple videos that looks ok. Here is one I made after fishing in the Northern parts of Copenhagen for cod Yesterday. Let me know if you have suggestions for improvements for my next video.

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One of the advantages of having a fishing blog, is that once in a while people write you to ask for fishing tips and some even invite me to join them on a fishing trip. Robin and Irene from Singapore traveled all the way to Copenhagen for a vacation and Robin wrote and asked if I wanted to meet up with them for some hours of fishing.   Continue reading


7 km walked, 3 fishing spots visited, 2 seatrouts caught, 1 sock drowned. Yesterday had it all.

I drove to Møn early in the morning when the city was still sleeping. My plan was to fish my way through two or three spots until I found fish. I started of at a spot on the southern coast that I discovered last year. Conditions looked great with 30 cm waves and somewhat cloudy water and I systematic made my way down the coast with one throw for every 5-7 meters with my 28 gram lure.  Continue reading