Seatrout, cod and pike fishing in Denmark

There are some people that don´t like fish. Obviously these weirdos have never tasted my world famous seatrout tartar. Seatrout tartar is easy to make and tastes like you are dead and have come to heaven to dine with the almighty himself. The hardest thing about this dish is in fact to catch the seatrout.

Tartar can be made from a number of different species and no matter what kind you select then this way of making it will apply. Before you start then note that some western chefs say that all fish should be freezed before eating. According to my homie Madkonsulenten this is not necessarily needed and will remove a bit of the taste. You make the decision…

No more time to waste. Let´s get to it. Here is how you make the seatrout tartar that will make all your friends create your very first fan club.

1 – Catch a seatrout

Seatrout Møn


2 – Fillet your seatrout and cut it out in 2-3 cm pieces

Seatrout tartar 1

 3 – Add salt, pepper, onion, lemon and parsley

Seatrout tartar 2

 4 – Stir that trout and get ready to get your munchies on

Seatrout tartar 3

 5 – Eat it raw… Or put it on some blinis with some cream cheese. Ooh nelly.

Seatrout tartar 4


2 thoughts on “Seatrout tartar for champions

  1. Dronning L says:

    Uhm det ser godt ud. Hvornår inviterer du din yndlingsafdeling på mad? 🙂

    1. Anders Mikkelsen says:

      Kan se at kong A skal ud og fange nogle flere swagtrouts, og det kan slet ikke gå hurtigt nok! Vi må lige tale med chefen om, at jeg kan få fri til at fiske noget mere.

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